Kesher@AA (previously FLLI or School of Judaism) is the religious education initiative for children ages three years old through 12th grade. Through our program, children will be inspired and curious about Judaism as they encounter a variety of topics through camp-like enrichment activities.

Children who are a part of AA’s Sunday Jewish learning experience are placed into age-appropriate groups called eidot (Hebrew for groups. Each eidah (group) is guided by a dynamic and experienced educator, or rosh eidah (head of the group).

Eidot with children 2 years old to 7th grade will aslo have, at least, one madrich (teen counselor) as part of the group. Our madrichim serve as role models for continued Jewish learning and assist our educators in small group activities.

Our central eidot, GAAn B’Ahava (3’s and 4s eidah), TAAlit Atzmi (8th – 10th grade eidah), and AAtid (11th – 12th grade eidah) will begin developing their own identity on day one through the creation of their own group names, rooted in the year of learning they are about to embark on. We can’t wait to see what they come up with!


Community Building

A designated time within each eidah to build deep connections amongst friends – old and new.

T’fillah Lab

Exploring of Shabbat morning prayer and liturgy including meaning, structure and choreography. Learners will utilize games, music, technology, creative writing, and more in order to explore and experience T’fillah.

Middot (Character Development)

Time set aside for developing mensches through Jewish values.

Parashat Hashavuah

A weekly encounter with the Torah portion through drama, discussion, stories, and more.


Each eidah will be exploring a specific theme for the year using camp-like enrichments such as, art, photography, technology, drama, project-based learning, games, cooking, etc.

Hebrew Vocabulary

Tied into their eidah learning theme and T’fillah, children will build their Hebrew vocabulary.

Rikkud and Ruach

Each Sunday will end with a Kesher-wide dance and song session.

GAAn B’Ahava (3’s, 4’s and Pre-K)

Gan means garden and is a place where our littlest sprouts grow their roots and begin their Jewish learning experience. In this eidah, through creative learning methods and the natural inquisitiveness and exploration of children, we develop a sense of Ahavat Yisrael. Ahavat Yisrael encompasses a love for the people and traditions of Israel.

K – 1

Free to be the Jew in Me
In this eidah, we focus on developing the foundation each Jewish person needs to live a fruitful Jewish life. These building blocks include the AlefBet (Hebrew alphabet), brachot (blessings and blessing structure), Jewish holidays and Jewish symbols. Additionally, these students learn about what makes a synagogue a special place, what makes it an integral part of Jewish learning, what makes it a home for our community.

2nd – 3rd Grade

My Jewish Community: Kol Yisrael Arievim Zeh L’Zeh – All People Are Responsible For Each Other
In this eidah, we teach children to have ownership and pride in being a Jewish person in the modern world. This means not only looking out for those within our community and who are similar to us, but for all humanity and for all people in need. Students learn about what makes being Jewish unique, about organizations that help our Jewish community, about global Jewry, Jewish family, Jewish leaders and about themes of Jewish responsibility and Jewish heroes in our Bible stories.

4th – 5th Grade

People of Israel and People of the Book
We center this eidah on personal identity established by historic connections to the Land of Milk & Honey and the Book of Life. The land of Israel and the Torah serve as two pillars which sustain Jewish existence, and we dedicate these two years to uncovering the roles they play in Jewish culture. One key question guiding this eidah’s learning is how we engage with a collective history and how we bring that history into our everyday lives.

6th – 7th Grade

Bein Anashim
At its core, Judaism is about relationships. How we relate to others, to God, to our planet, and most importantly to ourselves. The main focus of these two years is the act of introspection, along with evaluating how we engage with the ‘others’ in our lives. An interaction that we gloss over quickly could have a lasting impression on the person we are with, so our students will uncover the values that guide the way we interact with each other, and how we give a sense of purpose to their relationships as they move into young adulthood.


Teens in 9th-12th grades are eligible to participate in our Madrichim (counselor) program where they serve as group assistants in an assigned eidah. Madrichim will receive community service hours and earn money towards scholarships for Jewish programming (youth group programs, Israel trips, summer camp, etc.). Madrichim are strongly encouraged to participate in TAAglit or AATid. Eighth graders who wish to be in the madrichim program in the future, can enroll in our Madrichim in Training (MIT) program.

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GAAn B’Ahava
(AA Member)
3’s, 4’s, Pre-k$600
GAAn B’Ahava
3’s, 4’s, Pre-k$700
(AA Member)
K – 6th Grade$925
K – 6th Grade$1,025
Hebrew (AA Member)Required 2nd – 6th grade for non-day school children$350
Hebrew (Non-Member)Required 2nd – 6th grade for non-day school children$450
Pre B’nei Mitzvah Tutoring7th Grade (contact us if your child has an early B’nai Mitzvah ceremony)$350
TAAglit Atzmi
(AA Member)
8th – 10th Grade$1,250 (includes all Sunday lunches and Washington D.C. trip)
TAAglit Atzmi
8th – 10th Grade$1,550 (includes all Sunday lunches and Washington D.C. trip)
AATid (AA Member and Non-Member)11th – 12th Grade$360 (includes all Sunday lunches)
MIT and Madrichim8th – 12th Gradeno fee
Lunch Program$84
Multi-Child Discount
for Members
3 years old – 12th Gradesubtract $50 per child after 1st child