Join us one Saturday a month at 10:30-11:30 am for coffee, community, and conversation in the Ahava play yard for Shabbat play for children 7 and under. Rain or shine! Kiddush lunch will be provided in Srochi Hall follow Shabbat services.

Groove Shabbat

Join us one Saturday a month for stories and interactive songs celebrating Shabbat and upcoming Jewish holidays. Enjoy stories and songs at 10:30 am followed by snacks, playtime, and Kiddush lunch. Everything is free and geared toward families with children ages 0-4.


Parents and their child(ren) are invited to join us one Saturday each month at 10:30 - 11:30 am for a morning of mindfulness and movement as we discover how to spiritually express and deepen our understanding of Judaism through the practice of yoga and meditation.

Young Family Shabbat Dinners

Friday night starts the Sabbath, the day of rest; so, why not start it off with a relaxing evening alongside family and friends, and leave the worry of dinner to us? Once a month, dinner will be generously sponsored by a different family. Help create special memories for you and your children as we turn AA into our shared Jewish home.