Adult Learning

Ahavath Achim is committed to providing a community of adult Jewish learning.

We believe adult learning fosters a lifelong commitment to personal spiritual growth, expanding Jewish intellectual society, and passing Jewish literacy and learning from generation to generation.

Ahavath Achim offers adult education opportunities throughout the year with regularly scheduled classes, special programming, guest speakers and special events.


Torah Study 2017 – 2018

Throughout most of the year we offer a weekly one-hour Shabbat Morning Torah Study session from 10:00 – 11:00 am in the Cavalier Room near our chapel. Most of the sessions are facilitated by congregant volunteers who lead lively discussions. To receive a weekly e-mail reminder, please send a note to Rabbi Neil Sandler .

Date Parsha Facilitator(s)
8-5-17 Vaethanan Barbara Feinberg
8-12-17 Ekev David Joffe
8-19-17 Re’eh Andy Zangwill
8-26-17 Shof’tim Linda Lippitt
9-2-17 Ki Tetze Paul Feldman
9-9-17 Ki Tavo Steve Grossman
9-16-17 Nitzavim – Vayelech Brooke Rosenthal
9-23-17 Haazinu Tova Cohen
9-30-17 No Study Session – Yom Kippur Study Hall 
10-7-17 Chol Hamoed Sukkot
10-14-17 Bereisheet Shelly Dollar
10-21-17 Noah Rabbi Neil Sandler
10-28-17 Lech L’cha Rabbi Laurence Rosenthal
11-4-17 Vayera
11-11-17 Chaye Sarah
11-18-17 Toledot Andy Zangwill
11-25-17 Vayetze Judy Marx
12-2-17 Vayishlach Alan Lippitt
12-9-17 Vayeshev Barbara Feinberg
12-16-17 Mikketz Linda Lippitt
12-23-17 Vayiggash Sonia Fishkin
12-30-17 Vayechi Rabbi Chaim Listfield
1-6-18 Shemot David Joffe
1-13-18 Vaera Judy Marx
1-20-18 Bo Rabbi Neil Sandlerq
1-27-18 Beshallah Paul Feldman
2-3-18 Yitro Joe Marcus
2-10-18 Mishpatim Shelly Dollar
2-17-28 Terumah Rabbi Laurence Rosenthal
2-24-18 Tetzaveh Andy Zangwill
3-3-18 Ki Tissa
3-10-18 Vayakhel – Pekudei Paul Feldman
3-17-18 Vayikra Judy Marx
3-24-18 Tzav
3-31-18 Exodus 12:21 – 51
4-7-18 Deut. 15:19 – 16:17 Rabbi Chaim Listfield
4-14-18 Shemini
4-21-18 Tazria – Metzora Judy Marx
4-28-18 Achrei Mot – Kedoshim Arthur Povlot
5-5-18 Emor David Joffe
5-12-18 Behar – Behukkotai
5-19-18 Bemidbar Rabbi Chaim Listfield
5-26-18 Naso
6-2-18 Beha’a lot’cha
6-9-18 Shelah L’cha Stanley Cristol
6-16-18 Korah Rabbi Neil Sandler
6-23-18 Chukat Paul Feldman
6-30-18 Balak Andy Zangwill


Vacation Bible Shul 2017 – The Story of Samson

Date Facilitator(s)
7-1-17 David Joffe
7-8-17 Andy Zangwill
7-15-17 Steve Grossman
7-22-17 Paul Feldman
7-29-17 Paul Feldman


Read It or Not – Kiddush Book Club

The Read It or Not Kiddush Book Club generally meets the third Shabbat of each month (November through May, except April) as a post-kiddush beit midrash to discuss thought-provoking and intellectually-stimulating literature. The discussion will take place after the Kiddush on Saturday afternoon at 12:30 pm.