Each Shabbat morning,  AA becomes a Kehillah Kedosha, a Holy Community, when we join together for spiritual fulfillment and Kiddush fellowship.

AA offers congregants many options to sponsor or co-sponsor Kiddush in celebration of a Simcha such as a birthday, anniversary or aufruf, or in memory of a loved one.

On non-Bar/Bat Mitzvah weekends, congregants can choose to participate in the Group Kiddush or to co-sponsor the Kiddush on another Shabbat.

Four levels of Kiddush Co-sponsorship:

Cohen Level ~ $1500 (Listed as a Contributor; choice of two items)

Levite Level ~ $540 (Listed as a Contributor; choice of one item)

Israelite Level ~ $180 (Listed as a Contributor; choice of a pastry)

Group Sponsor Level ~ $95.00 (Listed as a Contributor; no food choice)