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Are you curious about Judaism, returning to Judaism, converting to Judaism, raising Jewish children, or sharing Judaism with loved ones?

AA has several learning opportunities and as well, we are a proud sponsor of MJCCA Pathways: The Interfaith Family Network of Greater Atlanta.

What is Pathways?

  • PATHWAYS serves as the local umbrella organization that brings together a full complement of education and support for interfaith couples and families, and their extended families, whether they are just beginning their journey, newly-married, raising a Jewish family, or grandparents whose adult children have intermarried.
  • PATHWAYS connects people to the wide array of community and online resources, both locally, nationally, and internationally.
  • PATHWAYS includes Taste of Judaism classes, new interfaith couples classes, discussion groups, family holiday programs, cultural events, parenting and grandparenting classes, and diverse courses on topics relevant to the lives of interfaith couples and families.
  • PATHWAYS is a unique community-wide partnership of the MJCCA and Jewish Federation of Greater Atlanta, which includes local synagogues, programs and schools, and several national organizations devoted to interfaith outreach.

Become Part of the Pathways Community

  • Attend events around Atlanta that are designed specifically for interfaith couples, families, and their loved ones.
  • Sign up for email to receive information about our programs via our bi-weekly e-mails.
  • Enroll in our engaging and informative workshops and classes.

pathwaysPathways is committed to opening the hearts, minds and doors of the Jewish community to interfaith couples and families and providing a warm and welcoming experience in a sensitive and caring manner. Pathways provides comfortable entry points into the Jewish community that are accessible and engaging to all involved.

Pathways is here to support you on your journey! Click our logo to view current listing of programs & classes.